Recommended changes to the character generator

Use this page to detail any current recommended changes to the next version of the chargen or rules.

This is more of a change for Obsidian but thought I’d put it here. Need to clean up the contacts list. There will be multiple entries. Though I know you have put some of the people in with their ratings to each player Ben. I also put them in my on characters contact list. That way I can have the one page up to use to view all of my contacts.

  • Armor deterioration. I think we can just make it a -1 to the armor’s stats every time it is hit. For example. Person A with a P90 shoots person B with a Spectra Vest 6/4. The vest becomes 5/3. Burst fire. Vest becomes 3/1. Full auto with 10 bullets hitting shreds the armor. Allows the armor to have multiple use with deterioration, and burst/full auto will hurt the armor more. Also if it isn’t already in the rules. I think armor should be a at the end of damage calculation. So you take a full auto from a pea shooter that in total does 9 damage. The armor should reduce the total by its value and not every bullet. Would keep the math simple and the combat going with out always stopping.
We’re going with this idea, with the adjustment that impact armor never degrades, and hits to impact don’t reduce your armor rating. Armor degredation is done per attack—for example, a burst that hits all 3 times only reduces armor by 1 (not 3). That way, we don’t have to recalc degradation each individual hit.
  • You cannot use Awesomeness to go first ahead of anyone with preempt against you, or to interrupt anyone with preempt against you. Basically, if someone has a gun pointed to your head, you can’t awesome your way out of it.
  • Criticalling during a defensive melee roll gives you the chance at a free interrupt.
  • Glitching during a melee attack gives them the chance at a free interrupt.
  • Aimed shots during melee halves the To Hit Penalty for aiming at that area.
  • New use for Awesomeness: use to reduce physical damage by half. This doesn’t affect the damage dealt for purposes of determining Serious Wound: for example, if you take 9 damage that would cause a SW, use a point of Awesomeness to reduce it by half (5), you take 4 damage. For purposes of determing a SW (and healing), you’re considered to have taken 9 damage from the hit anyway.
  • You can permanently burn a point of used Awesomeness to use it again.
  • Phil Collins is punishable by troll.

-* All drug crash times are a base 6 hours, less reduction.-

  • Drug crash time is 12 hours per drug, less reduction.
  • Grenade damage uses four increments now: Close, Short, Medium, Long. The damage is reduced by 25% for each range past Close. This should make it a lot easier to calculate grenade damage now.
  • Some of the serious wound effects were a little severe for an ongoing player, so now there’s Untreated Serious Wounds (the ones we currently have) and Treated Serious Wounds, which have a reduced effect.
  • Okay, new way of doing aiming: IRON SIGHTS: 1 AP. SCOPED AIMING: 2 AP. You don’t get the benefit of a laser while aiming, but for grenade launchers, you DO benefit by using a rangefinder and aiming.

Recommended changes to the character generator

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