Edward Bruce



PC in: Awesomerun


Game System:

Description GM Quick Tests | Personality | 5 | Bullshitting | 5 | Misdirection | 5 | Stealth | 20 | Perception | 20 | Ambushin’ | 25


Bio ATTRIBUTES | Hit Points | 26 | Action Points | 18 | Carryover/Borrow AP | 10 | Initiative | 2d10 +0 | Common Sense | 70 | Movement | 10 | Ambushin’ | 25 | Ass Whoopin’ | 3 | Serious Wound | 10 | Awesomeness | 5(1)

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======TRAITS & PERKS======

Professional Asshole Simply being a dick is amateur, you make misery your day job and never clock out. You never critical, instead you instead pick any non-neutral person. That person has that many glitch dice on their next move (they are unaware of this unfortunate turn of events). You can spread these among any number of people you want. You can also use Awesomeness to make anyone double glitch at any time, and get one extra Awesomeness that can only be used for this. Sic Semper Tyrannosaurus!

Gunslinger Sometimes it’s worth it to pull out the diamond-encrusted, gold-plated .44 Magnum and go all Dirty Harry on some poor sucker. Your Combat skills critical on 7, 8, and 9, but you do -2 damage (these only appy to firearms and shanking). I did a word search for “fuck” in this spreadsheet, and had 38 hits.

Armchair General Eye Don’t Pop, Heads Don’t Explode Hidden Quirk -40

Current Inventory

1290 cash Big Green Duffel Bag 1X C4 1x HE Grenade Desert Eagle (loaded with Gel Rounds) (Stolen) Sawed off Pistol (loaded with standard rounds) (Quick Draw) Form Fittin Holster AK-47 (Full clip) Combat Knife Quickdraw Holster 4 Spare Clips 3 Boxes – Hallowpoints 1 Box of Hefty Bags 9/10 Gunsmith Toolkit First Aid Kit Mechanic Toolkit Electronics Toolkit Multitool Cheap Cell Phone Portable Radio Jammer Form-Fitting Holster Fake ID (TN 50) X 2 Lighter Duct Tape Towel Laptop 6 radios 1 radio controlled truck GMC ASTRO (Destroyed)


Edward Bruce

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