Kong Kai Kyo

Stats Ambush Social Physical Technical Combat
HP 24 360° 70 Personality 30 Athletics 15 Demolitions 15 Melee 15
AP 18 270° 60 Bullshitting 30 Stealth 15 Electronics 15 Pistols 15
Carryover AP 4 180° 50 Performance 30 Throwing 15 First Aid 15 Shotguns 15
INI 2d10+0 90° 40 Leadership 30 Perception 15 Computers 15 Rifles 15
Common Sense 100 45° 20 Leadership 30 Sleight of Hand 15 Forgery 15 SMGs 15
Movement 10 5° 0 Scrounging 30 Lock Picking 15 Research 15 Assault Rifles 15
Ambushin’ 30 Interupt 60 Local Area 50 Dodge 15 Driving 15 Heavy Weapons 15
Ass Whoopin’ 3 Street Connections 50 Navigation 15 MacGyvering 15 Intimidation 15
Serious Wound 7 Dealers 30 Drugability 35 Pharmacology 35
Awesomeness 1(1) Gambling 30 Endurance 15
Disguise 30
Speed Ft./round Cover TN Ambush
Prone 5 +10 0 +20
Crouch 8 +5 0 +10
Walk 13 0 0 0
Run 20 -5 +10 -10
Sprint 1 ft per AP -5 +20 -20

White Michael Jackson

Appearances are deceiving, because you’re whiter than Woody Allen after diving in a pool of cocaine. All your social skills start at +12%, and you’ve already made your fortune: starting cash +$5,000. Unfortunately, you’re kind of an outcast, and only get 20 BP of free contacts at character generation.

Casual Communist (The Steel Plated Banana Fiasco)

You voluntarily underwent KGB mindwiping therapy and exile from Russia after this incident. What you do remember is a secret operation to take down a Bolivian aristocrat, involving his shemale mistress, fourteen steel-plated bananas given to you by the Kremlin, and a nine year old. The rest is screams and darkness. The GM will give you two extra traits at random after chargen. Whenever you roll a zero for initiative, you go last (can’t use Awesomeness to preempt).

Chemical Cowboy

Drugging isn’t an addiction or even a way of life to you, it’s the boat with which you sail on the seas of life. There isn’t anything you haven’t injected, ingested, snorted, or smoked, or snugged (it’s a British thang). +20 to Dealers, Drugability, Street Connections, and Pharmaceuticals, your crash time is halved and you naturally recover from addictions after 6d6 days. You’re not used to anything larger than a needle making holes in you, and take 1 more damage every hit.

Professional Asshole

Simply being a dick is amateur, you make misery your day job and never clock out. You never critical, instead you instead pick any non-neutral person. That person has that many glitch dice on their next move (they are unaware of this unfortunate turn of events). You can spread these among any number of people you want. You can also use Awesomeness to make anyone double glitch at any time, and get one extra Awesomeness that can only be used for this. Sic Semper Tyrannosaurus!

One Thing Before You Pull That Trigger…

If you, your party, and the GM are all saying “Yep, you’re probably gonna die”, then you win a free interrupt and 5 free AP!

Catholic Seaman

You were a non-com on one of the Royal Catholic Nuclear Submarines, while you didn’t pick much up in the way of religion, you did meet a lot of people. Contact costs are reduced by 10%.

Hidden Quirk -50

You screw things up constantly, but inconsistently. The GM will at one point assign Quirks equal to “about half” the BP spent on this to you.


Kong Kai Kyo born in 1961 in Hong Kong is an orphan. The dramatic changes to his life started at 12 when he ran away from his foster home and made his way to Veitnam. At the age of 13 and in 1974. Kong started working for small outfits of the Veit Cong as a runner. He would run messages and small supplies between different command posts since no one would question a kid being involved in the war. After the end of the conflict, Kong moved around S.E. Asia as a small time pirate. Doing jobs and running with small time city gangs from Veitnam, China, Philippeans, and Indonesia. Now older and experienced in his life of crime. Kong is tired of the small jobs and wants to be the boss himself. Extra info stuff and what nots: Had some gang problems in the Philippeans with the prostitution. North Philippeans is not a place he would like to go. Has a girlfriend. Venessa Mistrot. A 33 year old Foreigner herself from America. Studied over in China as an exchange student in college. Now lives in Bandung working as a video designer for First Media. (He lies constantly to her to keep her in the dark on what he does for a living, though she isn’t dumb enough to think the whole world is perfect. She might not understand everything he does. Rigth now he tells her he is in sales and has to travel alot around S.E. Asia working for MEDAN TOYS Co. Ltd. He hopes to one day really tell her what he does once he becomes a made man)

Kong Kai Kyo

Awesomerun damienmortikai

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Range TN Scatter
12/9/5 30 1
36/27/14 45 2
60/45/23 60 2
84/63/32 75 3
108/81/41 90 3
132/99/50 105 4