Van #1 Gets Blown Up

Prelude – Ended last time with the team talking to Zed about a ‘backstab’ offer. After hearing the offer Zed had to offered Kong, Kazi, and Edward were left to decide to take the offer or not. The team (Kazi, Kong, Edward, Muhamad, and Rossie) started to head back to Raja’s place to conferece in the warrrom, when Raja urgently called with an emergency. He exclaimed that one of the council members was currently pined down in a safehouse somewhere in south jakatra, and immediately needed assistance and aid with extraction. The team deverted to the address that was underseige.

The street was filled with gun fire as the team approached with the van. A 2 strory building on the right hand side was being seiged from all directions. The team approached with high speed shooting through the windows and chucking explosives at one of the raiders buildings. Kazi jumped out to make his way into the building being sieged, in the process getting hit by a well trained sniper. At this point the rest of the team members left the van towards the sieged building, leaving Edward to steer the van around. A series of gun fire, and napalhm explosions later, the team reached the council member. Quickly patched up a attempted to leave the area. While evacuating the council member took a shoot to the vest, and one of the van’s tire got shoot out. Realizing that Zed and his team were getting to close, the team evacuated back to the war-room to make their next plan

At the war-room the team talked to several KGB agents and discovered a series of polics uniforms were stolen and most likely being used by someone with connections to the shinning path. Trying to find a lead, Edward cross referenced the list of missing uniforms with Yolanna’s file and found a hit. The team uncovered the address of their lead suspect, broke up into groups, and began investigating. Other team members investigated the other addresses, while Kong, Edward, and Kazi investigated their lead.

The team pulled up to a hotel style apartment building. After startling one of the residents, and tripping a rigged grenade. The team broke into an unoccupied apartement and started searching for clues. They came across more police uniforms, some cash, and a letter marked “Get it done or don’t come home” They were startled by a bright light out in the lot, which ended up being their own van lit up in flames. They spotted a few men dressed in local police uniforms with guns drawn on the apartment. A short combat took place and ended abruptly as Kong was captured and his life threatened. Not risking the life of one of their own, Edward and Kazi, allowed the men to escape with ‘Deagle” and Kong in hand.



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